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Customer Success Stories

How better to show you what we do? The work we’ve completed for our customers speaks for itself. We invite you to explore our customer stories to discover some of the roofing problems we have encountered and the solutions we employed. At Specified Roofing, we combine practical methods with an innovative, client-centric approach.

Read our success stories:

Rogers  |  TD Bank  |  Auto Dealership 

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What is my roofing contractor talking about?


Doon’t worry! We go to great lengths to make sure our reports and explanations are crystal clear.
You should know what’s happening up on your roof and we’ll tell you—in straightforward, easy to understand terms.
As with any industry, there is some “roofing terminology” you’ll need to know. We’ve provided a glossary of Roofing Terminology to help you understand your roof assessment/reports and any recommendations
for repairs, replacement or maintenance.


bottom-feature-questionmarkWhat is ponding? And how is that affecting thecondition of my roof?


bottom-feature-questionmark Apparently I have exposed felts! What does that mean? Is that serious?


bottom-feature-thumbsup Don’t worry, we have the answers to these questions and more.