Rogers Roof Replacement


Installation of tapered, renewable Light Weight Insulated Concrete (LWIC), 2-Ply Modified Bitumen Waterproofing Membrane (heat-welded application.


Prior to the installation of new LWIC (lightweight insulated concrete) and membrane, the roof field was covered by saturated insulation and concrete paving stones. These elements prevented ventilation of the membrane, contributed to organic growth and allowed for pooling water to accumulate.


The roof field has been cleared of all insulation and concrete paving stones. Materials (where applicable) were recycled in a suitable manner.

A labour intensive process, insulation and concrete paving stones were lifted and organic growth was removed in preparation for the installation of a new waterproofing system.

The installation of new insulation is taking place, creating a perfectly sloped system and thus aiding in the drainage of the roof. A ‘slurry’ coat of lightweight concrete is used to secure new insulation panels to the existing roofing membrane. Once set, a ‘top coat’ of lightweight concrete is applied over top and tooled into place – directing water to the desired areas as per the system design.

A close up view of the LWIC showing the various layers of the system. The insulation panels (white boards) can be seen resting on the base ‘slurry coat’. Again this is followed by the ‘top coat’ of lightweight insulated concrete (LWIC).

After the LWIC has set, a vented sheet is ‘stamped’ into place. This vented sheet – in conjunction with vents allows the concrete to ‘breathe’ as it dries out and prevents the 2-ply waterproofing membrane from blistering with the vapour loss. Shown here, the modified bitumen base sheet is being heat welded into place over the vented sheet (previously affixed).

Creating a sloped roofing system results in increased heights to promote drainage to low spots on the roof (ie. the roof drains). As a result of these increased heights, perimeter and penetration details need to be increased to accommodate the new roofing system. Shown here, a custom made metal up stand has been erected to allow for this roof alteration.

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