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Roof Replacement: 2-Ply Modified Bitumen Waterproofing System (cold application with a heat-welded cap sheet).



Located at a busy intersection of downtown Toronto – making this project logistically difficult – Specified Roofing was commissioned to remove and replace the existing system with a new 2-ply modified bitumen waterproofing system – all without interrupting normal bank and customer activities.


The existing 4-ply Built Up Roof was removed to expose the steel deck and built back up with new thermal insulation and waterproofing membrane. During new roof construction, additional HVAC unit curbs were installed to regulate heating and cooling

The existing Built Up Roofing membrane (BUR) was removed to expose the existing steel deck. The deck was swept and visually inspected for structural deficiencies prior to the installation of the new waterproofing assembly.

The modified bitumen base sheet has been heat welded throughout the field. The tie-in to adjacent old roofing can be seen running along the gas line. This tie in is a typical procedure, as roof replacements often occur over a number of days (depending on the size of the project. These temporary tie-ins protect the interior finishing’s from potential water infiltration during inclement weather. Our professionally trained staff take no chances when it comes to the integrity of the building envelope.

The installation of a modified bitumen cap sheet is beginning to occur. The grey granular surface of the cap sheet protects the waterproofing membrane from premature UV deterioration.

Newly installed HVAC curbs have been waterproofed with a modified bitumen base sheet. The granular cap sheet of the field has been run to the base of this curb penetration in preparation cap sheet being installed on the vertical surface of the roof curb.

New thermal insulation and a 2-ply modified bitumen waterproofing system have been successfully installed. New sheet metal counter flashings have been fabricated and implemented on all perimeter and roof penetration details to provide a finished ‘picture framed’ look.

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