Roof Inspection


Preventive Maintenance Programs


You’ve heard the old adage “a stitch in time saves nine”?
Well, It’s the right approach to take with your roof.
Regular inspection by a trained roofing professional can diagnose
roof issues, allowing you to address problems
before they result in extensive roof damage.

30% of your building protects 100% of your building assets, so it is important to know what’s going on up on your roof.
Something as simple as a blocked drain or loose perimeter flashing, if left untended, can result in extensive, expensive damage. Remember, we offer our initial Healthy Roof Inspection and Report at no cost. After that, we have three levels of Roof Inspection/Preventive Maintenance Programs to help keep your roof as healthy as possible!

Each package includes bi-annual inspection and report.
And – here’s the good news – if you ask us to perform any recommended
preventive maintenance repairs, the cost of your annual program
will be deducted from the cost of your repair.

Healthy Roof Report: an easy-to-understand assessment of roof conditions, including recommendations and a glossary of roof terminology.


Healthy Roof Review: an in-depth, formal assessment of roof conditions including photographs, satellite imaging and measurements**, recommendations and repair assessments.


*Applies to roof repairs over $1,000
**Satellite imaging and roof measurements included in Premium plan.