Safety Is Our Highest Priority


As an established, professional roofing contractor, we pride ourselves on retaining only the best in experienced, committed personnel, in order to provide superior service and workmanship to our clients.


Specified Roofing encourages all its employees to continue to evolve within their chosen profession with ongoing training in the newest materials, products, processes and safety protocols.

As full-time roofing contractors, safety is the highest priority, both for our employees and our clients’ work sites.

“Specified Roofing is committed to leading an industry shift focused on fostering a cultural change in our company – ingraining the safety of fellow workers in the mindsets of everyone.”

Todd Gouett, President & General Manager, Specified Roofing

We believe our investment in workplace health and safety will have a positive long term effect on our business growth, corporate culture and sustainability.

To help us ensure our policies and procedures fully support optimum health and safety, we have partnered with Workplace Safety Revolution. Their innovative, forward thinking systems align well with our vision of a safe, healthy workplace.

“The growth and sustainability of our company is incumbent upon our entire team to lead change and their desire to be recognized as leaders in workplace health and safety.”

Brett Gamble, Operations Manager, Specified Roofing


Do you know
what’s happening up on your roof?
Shouldn’t you?

Paying close attention to the health of your roof just makes good business sense.

We’ll be pleased to perform a free professional roof inspection including a written summary report.