The Story of Specified


Back in the 1990’s, Todd Gouett (President),
started Specified Roofing,  evolving from a grass roots background in the
construction industry to a humble beginning in the industrial roofing field.

After years of summer jobs in various construction disciplines, throughout high school and university years, Todd’s first entrepreneurial venture was a residential construction firm focused on home renovation projects.

In 1990, an opportunity to move into the industrial/commercial roofing field, with an industry-leading manufacturer presented itself,

Not long into the new position of Technical Sales Representative for his new firm, Gouett began to keenly observe the roofing contractor’s role in the industry and quickly envisioned a return to the service provider side of the business.

In 1993, Todd formed the business that would later evolve into Specified Roofing. From meager beginnings that saw the company operate with an old car towing a 4′ x 8′ trailer, the journey began. Gleaming new pick-up trucks were just a dream back then!

Today, Specified Roofing is an industry leader. Our team (field, office and management personnel) strive to sustain and grow an organization supportive of workplace health and safety, in which interaction is encouraged. With a client base that includes many national corporations as well as local institutions and private businesses, Specified Roofing is positioned to continue to grow and engage within our community.






Specified Roofing is eager to continue its sustainable growth, community engagement and industry leadership.


On reflection, Todd says “I am proud of where the company sits today. We have an amazing, dedicated team who are always willing to take the steps to define this company as an industry leader into the future”.