What do we do at Specified Roofing?

Roof repairs, Maintenance, Inspection,
Emergency Roof Repairs,
New Installations,
Mechanical Curbs, Vents, Skylights…


and a whole lot more.

Specified Roofing offers a diverse range of services. From miscellaneous roof repairs to new roof top installations and general roof maintenance, our qualified technicians ensure that the vast array of client needs is handled in a competent and professional manner. All of our service crews are equipped with digital cameras, creating a real-time record of the repairs that we perform. For those clients that request this service, these photos can be emailed the following day so you can see firsthand how the repair/installation/maintenance was conducted.

New Roofing Systems & Upgrades

As a full-time professional roofing contractor, SR continuously evolves. We acknowledge the latest technologies and recent trends in materials and processes, plus SR incorporates the benefit of experience with what works, and what will last. Our technicians can visit you at your existing property or on-site for new construction projects to talk through your specific needs. In addition, we can provide RIRs (Roof Inspection Reports) – a thorough evaluation of your roofing system, and advise on the best approach for getting the most appropriate, durable, and cost-effective system for you. Please refer to the Roof Inspection Report tab in the navigation menu.

Renovations & Custom Installs

With all construction projects, you need professionals who can work with your general contractor to accommodate the day-to-day bustle of large-scale projects. Our teams have the training and experience to not only keep up, but contribute to the success of your project overall.

Snow Removal

Canadian winters can add substantial accumulation of snow on flat roofs which can pose a safety problem, as the weight of the snow can exceed the safe carrying capacity of the roof. Flat roofs can cave in under this weight, slanted roofs typically are less of a concern because the snow falls off reducing this pressure. As the snow melts, the accumulation of excess water can also cause leaks. Cleaning snow off a flat roof especially after a heavy snow storm can protect the roofing system and building from damages caused by this excessive weight and moisture.

Specified Roofing has experienced snow removal professionals that can remove this potentially serious snow weight safely, reduce the risk to protect your roofing assets and extend the age of your roof.

Do you know
what’s happening up on your roof?
Shouldn’t you?

Paying close attention to the health of your roof just makes good business sense.

We’ll be pleased to perform a free professional roof inspection including a written summary report.