Oh, no!  My flat roof is leaking and its only 5 years old.  What should I do?


  1. Stay calm.  Roof leaks are stressful.
  2. Don’t try to assess or fix the problem yourself.  Think of your roof like you think about your car.  Call a professional “roof mechanic” to help fix and maintain your investment.
  3. Who is the contractor who installed your roof?  You should get in touch with them to determine if your warranty is still in effect and covers what’s causing the leak.  If your warranty is over, take the time to locate a reputable contractor who offers “24/7” emergency service.  Most emergency services contractors will charge a “call fee” to assess the situation and effect a temporary repair to stop the leak.
  4. Take a deep breath.  If you have had your roof inspected twice a year and have been maintaining your roof according to inspection recommendations your leak is probably being caused by something fairly minor.  If you haven’t been “caretaking” your roof, you need to realize that 5 years is a long time, especially weather-wise.  Just imagine what your lawn would look like if left untended for five years!
  5. Weather is the biggest challenge to roof health.  Your roof system is built to expand and contract in conjunction with other building components.  Over time, however, weakening of certain elements occurs and eventually they fail.  The weakest points on a roof are at the “protection points” (vent stacks, HVAC units, hatch doors).  Even drains and perimeter walls feel the effects of age and weather.  That’s why it is important to effect twice yearly inspections and undertake the recommended preventive maintenance.

The best defense against roof leaks is a good inspection and preventive maintenance plan.  We can help you with that!

Our Healthy Roof Inspection and Report will tell you exactly what’s happening up on your roof.  Our initial Healthy Roof Inspection is free and we’ll provide you with a written, no-obligation report to help you make good decisions about your roof.

Use our glossary of Roof Terminology for a better understanding of the terms a contractor uses to explain what’s happening up on your roof.