The Specified Service team is available 24/7 for our clients.

Our goal is to guarantee our clients portfolios are receiving the attention they require to keep the roofing systems watertight.

  • 24/7 Emergency Service

  • Preventative Maintenance

  • Infrared Roof Moisture Scan

  • Inspection Reports

  • Roof Asset Management

24/7 Emergency Service

We respond to emergency leak & service requests 24/7.

In the event of an emergency leak, our priority is that our service teams get to your site within 60 minutes. Our service vehicles are equipped with GPS tracking so we can direct the crew within the closest vicinity to the location of your asset.

Emergency Procedures

Please call our Customer Solutions Center at 1-888-215-9229.

If you prefer email, please send all leak requests to

Preventative Maintenance

Annual or Semi-Annual maintenance is a service we offer to our clients to help manage and extend the lifecycle of their assets.

We create custom maintenance programs based on the strategic plan of each asset and continue to update each program as our clients focus and demands change within their portfolio.

Infrared Roof Moisture Scan

Our Infrared roof moisture service will provide you with the information necessary to come up with a solution before it becomes a major problem.

The IR scan will provide building managers will the unbiased information needed to make informed decisions and help allocate capital as needed.

When wet areas are found they can be surgically approached to best allocate capital spend and extend the lifecycle of the roof.

Inspection Reports

Our trained estimators, project managers and technicians work together to provide our clients with precise inspection reports.

If the status of the roofing system is unknown, it is essential to get our team involved so we can come up with a solution for the roof moving forward.

Our inspection report will identity deficiencies and highlight areas of concern as well as provide budgetary figures for the upcoming 5 years based on the current condition.

Roof Asset Management

Commercial real estate has become acquired and sold in portfolios much more frequently than in the past. Each real estate portfolio needs a unique strategy implemented for each asset.

Whether the asset is to be redeveloped, held, sold or a future uncertain, specific roofing management can help maximize the value of the asset and the returns.

Our goal is to work with each client and identify the most cost appropriate system based on their asset management strategy.