At Specified Roofing, our goal is to educate and design roofing systems with sustainability as the key driver. ‚ÄčThe following items are some of the benefits associated with green and sustainable roofing systems

  • Storm Water Management: Green Roofs help alleviate the stress put on our storm water management system as they absorb a substantial amount of rainfall (Toronto Stormwater management incentive)
  • Energy Efficiency: With a green roof, the system absorbs heat and acts an an insulator to reduce energy costs
  • Heat Island Effect: Hard, heat-absorbent surfaces retain more heat than areas with vegetation and plant life. White & Green roofs help reduce the area of heat absorbent surfaces to help lower the overall temperature in urban areas
  • Air Pollution Reduction: By lowering the demand for air conditioning, green roofs can decrease the production of air pollution
  • LEED Credits: Ability to increase LEED points to attain LEED certification
  • Sustainable Design: Green roofs offer protection to conventional roofing surfaces from solar radiation and other weather conditions and in effect may act to significantly reduce surface degradation.