Roof pricing can be a challenge

Sometimes roof pricing can be a bit of a mystery. Facility managers and building owners are not roofing experts. While you may have some knowledge of roofing, one area that is difficult to gauge is pricing. It is not uncommon for facility managers to question where the quoted numbers come from.



Enter roofing calculators

One tool that many organizations have used to estimate roofing costs are roofing calculators. Roofing calculators have been around for homeowners for some time, but now there are calculators for contractors and business/building owners. Most are available online, and many usually can be downloaded as an app for your smart phone.

One roofing calculator that has become particularly useful and popular among builder owners is the roofing calculator offered by

Download the Cool Flat Roof Calculator or visit the website directly at


This roofing calculator is a very detailed tool that accounts for everything from the membrane chosen to knowing how to calculate larger vs. smaller projects.

You can enter the following information:

  •          Roof length and width
  •          Number of chimneys/skylights
  •          Insulation thickness
  •          Roof slope
  •          Tear off
  •          Roof difficulty
  •          Roofing material

Once you enter your information, you will receive an instant approximate roof price. Simple, right? Not quite.


A cautionary note about roofing calculators – Why they can’t replace the real thing

The one issue with these calculators is that they cannot replace the quoting accuracy provided by a roofing professional who visits your building and assesses it in person.

Keep in mind that a calculator is an aid or guideline and is not as comprehensive as a commercial roofing contractor being on your roof and estimating a job. Physically being on the roof allows us to see things that a calculator simply cannot.

The good news is that roofing calculators and other trade tools like these are getting better and are being built by contractors themselves, which will help make these tools more accurate and useful.

We believe that new developments in technology are going to help the roofing industry, and this roofing calculator tool is one small step towards that.


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