At Specified Roofing, we firmly believe that healthy employees are a key component in building healthy roofs.  This is reflected in our approach to our internal health and safety programs and policies.


As an established, professional roofing company, we pride ourselves on retaining only the best in experienced, committed personnel, in order to provide superior service and workmanship to our clients.

We understand that our investment in our employees has a direct impact on our company’s ability to create safe work environments and job sites. Each and every individual in a workplace or worksite has certain responsibilities that contribute to a safe and healthy workplace. Before beginning work, it is important for everyone to know and to clearly understand their rights and responsibilities.

Safety is our highest priority for every job we take on. Every program, maintenance schedule and roofing system is designed with safety in mind. We make sure your building, your property and your employees are protected when we work on your roof.  We never expose our team to unsafe working environments – creating a win-win, safe working environment.

Roofing Industry Health & Safety Concerns

There is a lot more to roofing than preventive maintenance and repairs. Roofing work can be very dangerous, and fully understanding existing health and safety concerns is paramount to creating a safe environment for workers and for roofing clients. From emergency preparedness, to occupational health hazards, cold and heat stress risks, fall protection, necessary and appropriate protective equipment, dangerous goods and materials, and accessibility, there are a wide range of concerns to be addressed.

As outlined in Low-Slope Roofing Health and Safety Manual by Infrastructure Health & Safety Association, “Identification and management of these elements is essential for creating a safe environment. Each workplace party has certain responsibilities that contribute to a safe and healthy workplace. Before beginning work, it is important for everyone to know and understand their rights and responsibilities.”

Health and Safety Is Paramount!

Health and safety is of paramount importance to us. It’s in our company DNA.  Our focus on being a “health and safety leader” in the roofing industry starts at the top of our organization.  Leadership trickles from above and our employees have no doubt of our Senior Management Team’s commitment to health, safety and wellbeing.

“The growth and sustainability of our company is incumbent upon our entire team to lead change and their desire to be recognized as leaders in workplace health and safety” says Brett Gamble, Operations Manager, Specified Roofing.

This approach is amplified by our President & General Manager, Todd Gouett. He states, “Specified Roofing is committed to leading an industry shift focused on fostering a cultural change in our company – ingraining the safety of fellow workers in the mindsets of everyone.”

Specified’s health and safety program is focused on how the health and safety of their team members contributes to the great work they do, and therefore, the health of the roof they build for their clients.

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Learn More About Roofing Safety

To learn more about roofing safety, industry standards, and roles and responsibilities of contractors and employers, there are a number of invaluable resources to review.

For more information on heat stress, refer to IHSA’s Construction Health and Safety Manual (M029) or visit the Heat Stress topic page at or

The Ontario Industrial Roofing Contractors Association (OIRCA) in conjunction with the Infrastructure Health and Safety Association (IHSA) has released a publication on roofing safety titled, Low-Slope Roofing – Health & Safety Manual.  Get a free copy by downloading the PDF version of this document

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If you haven’t had your roof inspected, please take advantage of our free offer.  We’ll be pleased to professionally inspect your roof and provide our Healthy Roof Report – an easy to understand assessment of your roof’s condition, including recommendations.