Saving money is about having the right approach

Rather than being reactive and allowing the economy and industry pricing to dictate your budget, it is important for commercial companies to focus on proactive maintenance solutions when it comes to their roof. Failure to do so could spring a leak in your maintenance budget and wash your profits away if you are not careful.


You may have heard the saying, Take care of your belongings, and they’ll take care of you. The same can be said for commercial or industrial roof systems. Let’s use an example to illustrate this point.

Look at maintenance costs alone comparing companies A and B.

Company A – Has regular inspections and performs proactive roof maintenance. This allows them to catch potential problems early or before they happen.

Company B – Doesn’t believe in wasting money on inspections or preventative maintenance programs. They believe in fixing leaks when they happen.
Which approach is best? Who saves in the long run?

The answer is fairly obvious – Company A comes out ahead:

Company A – Spends an average of $0.14 per square foot per year maintaining their roof, and it will last an average of 21 years.

Company B – Spends an average of $0.25 per square foot per year maintaining their roof, and it will have an average lifespan of only 13 years due to a lack of properly scheduled maintenance.

Being Proactive is Essential

As in all other areas of your business, being proactive and having the foresight to anticipate issues before they happen is the key to keeping your costs under control. Your roof is no different.

Proactive versus reactive maintenance is an important topic to explore for your commercial roof. In addition to the results above, having a proactive maintenance schedule is beneficial to your organization in other ways than from a solely financial perspective.

Being proactive will also:

  • Help your roof last longer and be more reliable over the long term.
  • Help you identify small fixes before they become major problems – again creating a cost savings.
  • Prevent sudden leaks and other unforeseen issues that can add up to a huge repair bill.
  • Reduce the likelihood that roofing issues could negatively impact your business operations. A serious roofing issue could shut down operations and result in a loss of production, which will have a negative impact on your bottom line.

The longer you can maintain your roof and extend its lifespan, the more money you will save over the long term, even if you are paying for regular maintenance.

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