In Ontario, we get our fair share of thunderstorms during the summer months and snow storms in the winter. While most are harmless, some weather events cause us to make alternative arrangements – a minor inconvenience.

But, what about those unexpected storms that seemingly come out of nowhere and catch us off guard? How prepared are you for them? What about your business? How confident are you that your building and your roof can withstand the power of a major storm?



The people in Angus Ontario found out just how quickly a storm can turn into a tornado and cause millions of dollars of damage to their community. With winds of more than 180 km/h residents had little time to take cover. Thank goodness no one was seriously injured!

The events of the June tornado also caused many business owners in the area to rethink the importance of proactive maintenance, especially when it comes to roofing.

Ask yourself – How prepared is your building if an unexpected tornado or storm hit your city? Do you have confidence that your roof could withstand the high winds?

Have Your Roof Inspected After A Major Storm

If you experience a major storm in your area, it’s important to have your roof inspected by a professional commercial roofer. The truth is that most companies don’t bother to call their roofing company unless they see obvious signs of damage, such as water leaks and visible cracks.

However, there are many other types of damage that can occur, with many of these issues being less obvious or hidden from sight unless an inspection is conducted. Failure to have your roof inspected only opens the door to roofing issues in the future. Avoid overlooking small issues. This is what ends up costing companies more money in the long run. Address the small damages now, so they don’t become a more serious and costly issue in the future.

Types of Storm Damage

What type of damage can a major storm cause to your roof? Just about anything you can imagine!  But, you can help to lessen the impact of a storm by taking care of . . .

  • Broken and missing shingles and tiles
  • Interior and exterior water leaks
  • Hail damage
  • Roof lifting
  • Downed trees and branches
  • Broken eaves, downspouts and facia
  • Clogged water drains
  • Surface damage
  • Debris build up
  • Damage from projectiles

These are only some of the many examples of the type of damage that could happen to your roof during a storm.

Don’t get Caught Off Guard – Do You Know What’s Happening Up Top?

Remember that if you don’t know what’s happening up on your roof, it could lead to a major repair that can be easily avoided through regular inspection.  Don’t leave yourself exposed and subjected to more damage simply because you neglected your roof. It will cost your more money and increase the odds of you having extensive damage, should a major storm occur.

Preventive Maintenance Is The Key To A Healthy Roof

Taking a proactive approach to roof maintenance ensures that you stay ahead of the game. Addressing minor issues before they become significant roofing issues saves you time, money, and the headache of dealing with roofing issues.

Through our Preventative Maintenance Programs you will be able to stay on top of things and your roof will be better equipped should a major storm occur.

How healthy is your roof? Get peace of mind and Book your free Healthy Roof Inspection today.